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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hot weekend getaways to help beat the midwinter chill

It's Valentine's season, and you want to get away. But what if you're tired of mushy-gushy romance? What if you'd rather get down to business? Try an all-night rave in a foreign city. Zip to a ski vacation that gets steamy when the slopes close. Or try a South American bungalow where the howls of the rainforest creatures are bound to be louder than yours.
Maybe you're the type who can seduce over soufflé. Or you're brave enough to skinny-dip in water that glows.
Whatever your dream, there are vivid places where a Valentine's getaway can be an adventure. Whether you're mixing it up in Montreal or steaming it up in Savannah, there are better ways to get gooey than with a box of chocolates.


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