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Friday, March 18, 2011

submit your giveaway

Submission Guidelines

Please read before submitting your giveaway.

If you have a giveaway and would like to be included in one of my daily postings, please send me an e-mail at vchettupalli [at]gmail [dot] com and include the following:

1. Name- no need to give me your full name, and if you don’t want your name mentioned at all, then feel free ignore this part.
2. Blog Name – Pretty self explanatory :)
3. What you are giving away – please do not give me a link to your blog, and please don’t copy and paste your entire blog post. Just give me a small description of what you are giving away.
4. Direct link to your giveaway- Please copy the entire link and include that in your e-mail. Do not make it a tiny URL.
5. Date your giveaway ends
6. Giveaway restrictions (if any) – for example is it open to USA residents only? Or is everyone eligible?

Here is a sample submission:

Blogging-Shoping Giveaways:

Shoedazzle giveaway
March 29
USA and Canada

That’s it!
Please note: If your e-mail doesn't include all of the information listed above, I can't guarantee that your giveaway will be listed, as I don't have time to visit and read each blog to find out the specifics of each giveaway.

Finally, feel free to leave a comment linking to your giveaway- BUT if you want it to appear in the daily posting, then please e-mail me with the information, otherwise it will only appear in the comments section.

Thank you!


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