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Friday, January 29, 2010

Shopping for Vintage clothes

 I’ve been asked the question recently about where to buy vintage clothes? I haven’t had the opportunity to do a totally exhaustive investigation, but when I get the chance to spend a week or two doing nothing but visit India’s vintage scene, you’ll be the first to know!
In the meantime I thought I’d let you know about two favorites that I actually have had a chance to visit.
I came across best stores when hunting online for some examples of good quality vintage bags.   I was thrilled last week to receive an email telling me that they have just revamped not only their online store but their real world store too, and now have over 700 sq feet full of vintage dresses, hats, shoes, bags and jewelry! That is a lot of vintage!  Not only do they have so much stock that you’ll need to spend the day there and take a packed lunch, but they even offer in-house alterations and customizations.  So no more buying something that just ends up living in your project pile for a year.


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