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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Twitter users talk- The iPad is a hit

The overwhelming majority of tweets about the iPad have been positive, according to a study released by Attensity Group.
It is learn that, at least 50 percent of tweets expressed their positive sentiment towards the iPad," according to the study. That figure jumped to 71% in the two hours after Steve Jobs took the stage, "with extremely negative sentiment disappearing to a statistically negligible one percent." The chatter remained positive - at 69% - four days later.
Among the postive Twitter posts, the iPad's apps, screen and keyboard were the most commonly discussed, as were comparisons to the iPhone and the iPad's potential to be an Amazon Kindle killer, according to the study. Among those that expressed dislike of the iPad, according to Palo Alto, Calif.-based Attensity, the lack of Flash support, a user-replaceable battery and a built-in camera were the most common complaints, along with the feeling that the device is redundant for current iPhone and Kindle users. The study, which sampled about 90,000 total tweets, comes during a week when "iPad" has consistently remained a trending topic on Twitter and has entrenched itself on Google's "Hot Topics" list for the U.S.


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