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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eyelash Lovers shout for blows of Genius

A court officer from Long Island named Janet Garaguso is using a safety pin to divide her eyelashes after applying mascara. Mascara—a blend of waxes, polymers and pigments—coats lashes, making them thicker and longer. Garaguso has been doing this beauty practice for about 30 years to give her eyelashes a generous look.
Beauty for Janet Garaguso means heaping on layers of mascara every morning and then, ever so carefully, carving her clumped-up lashes into long, thick strands with a safety pin.
The 44-year-old court officer from Westbury, N.Y., has made this her routine for 30 years. She hasn't punctured her eye since she was a teenager, when it happened "just once." "Every now and then I prick my eyelid, but nothing serious," Ms. Garaguso says.
Ms. Garaguso is one of the many women who go to extreme lengths to enhance their lashes. Their numbers are big enough that the beauty industry gives them a name—"volume seekers." And it is plowing more time and money into products that might meet their needs. From dueling mascara-wand technologies to eyelash perms, lash-by-lash extensions and prescription medication, cosmetics executives are rushing to satisfy volume seekers' voracious appetite for full, separated lashes.
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