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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day recipe: Oyster and caviar

Open the oysters, placing one in your hand on a folded cloth with the flat of the shell uppermost. Insert an oyster knife or other small knife with a thin, inflexible blade, into the hinge. Keep it level; it should slip in easily until it reaches and breaks the muscle holding the shells together. Be careful and be firm, but not aggressive, or your oyster will be spoilt by shards of shell.
When the muscle breaks twist the knife and discard the flat shell. Inspect the oyster – it should look clear, and have a sweet smell of clean seawater and fresh fish. Cut the ligament that attaches the meat to the shell and flip it over. Serve the oysters in their shells with a half teaspoon of caviar on each.
Wine choice Champagne and caviar is a classic match and bubbles also happen to be fine with oysters. Do look to something that is poised and mineral rather than rich.


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Well this looks really delectable. And i happen to think that this is a fantastic idea for valentine's day. I usually buy a small cake and a bottle of wine. But will try this the next time.

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