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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Choose Smartphones?

Do you remember phones from our childhood? Large clumsy boxes attached to the wall, full of buttons (even dials for some!), with only one function -to place calls from one house to the other.
Today’s smart phones have long surpassed the simple cell phone functionality, to include Web browsers, calendar software and all sorts of complex tools. So how do we choose the right one to suit our individual needs?
First, you need to choose an operating system. Just like personal computers, smart phones use different systems. To summarize the iPhone’s system is probably the most user-friendly interface; the Blackberry’s caters to the use of email, and those Windows mobile syncs particularly well with programs from the Windows Office suite. Each operating system also has their own optional software, just like the famous iPhone, Android apps and recently Google Nexus one.
Next consideration is design: the popularity of keyboard equipped phones is quickly being surpassed by tactile screen phones because of their versatility and ease of use. The keyboard is considered easier to use for people who send a lot of text messages and emails, however.


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